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Spoiler warning — GTA V’s massive map revealed

Look away now, because we’re about to spoil a pretty big surprise for you. If you don’t want to know anything about Rockstar’s upcoming magnum opus, Grand Theft Auto V, then leave now and read something else. The new iPhones, perhaps? Or some automotive news?

No? Still here? Good, because this is something you want to see. Rockstar have been teasing the size of Grand Theft Auto’s playable world for a while, and eager gamers — this writer included — have been desperate to see the size of the world waiting for them. Well, thanks to a Reddit user, and as spotted over at NeoGAF, Brady Games — maker of thousands of gaming guides — have apparently sold a copy of their GTA V guide to someone prematurely, and said owner has uploaded the map from the book.

For a sense of scale, Rockstar have stated that the world of Los Santos would be bigger than San Andreas, Read Dead Redemption and GTA IV combined. Can’t wrap your head around that sense of scale? Here it is for you.


For the full, zoomable map, click on the iamge above. And as you ponder how you’ll traverse that massive terrain, remember that it’s a mere 6 days until GTA V is released. Next week can’t come soon enough.

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