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Washington National Cathedral dean says there’s been no backlash for pro-LGBT stance

Gary Hall.pngI’ve gotten pushback from a number of things I’ve stood up in the pulpit and said, but almost none about sexuality. I think we have a functional consensus in the Episcopal Church…’Schism’ is kind of a big word, because it assumes that a lot of people left. The number of people who left were pretty small. It was under 10 percent…But I think because of the increased visibility of LGBT people and of same-sex couples in congregations, this issue has really become pretty moot in our denomination.”

-The Very Rev. Gary Hall, dean of the Washington National Cathedral, in a Sept. 19 interview with Metro Weekly. Hall was asked about recently publicized breakaway congregations within the Episcopal faith over LGBT issues, and whether he had received pushback from the Cathedral’s decision to perform same-sex marriage rites. In response, Hall said he had received more criticism and angry letter about his stance on gun violence than his stance on LGBT issues. 

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