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BulkBites Takes a Bite Out of Meal Plans is looking to revolutionize the way meal planning works. For the life of me, during my fitness journey, I have never been able to figure out why there wasn’t an easier way to plan my meals. Of course, there were always calorie trackers where I could count and count until I hit my goal. I could always use a spreadsheet and just eat the same things every day, but that’s not nearly as fun as trying new things. fixes both of those issues with a fresh take on the meal plan. BulkBites is a free, online, community-driven system with a few features that make it the simple choice for figuring out what to eat.


Bulk Bites


When you first visit the website, you’ll notice the most interesting feature — the macro-sliders. Moving these active adjustments from left to right, you can easily set how much fat, protein, or carbs you want in the meals displayed below. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw this. I could now easily decide I don’t want a chicken breast and sweet potato for dinner without the unnerving feeling of, “but what could I eat that will hit my macros!?” It almost felt as if the chains were broken, and I was allowed to set soar among the skies.

Further on the website, a large selection of foods are shown by default. My page has some sliced ham, protein chocolate cake, and some delicious looking surimi piccolini pizzas. Along the top of each image, there is another macro breakdown. Protein, carbs, and fats are all listed in grams — again, allowing for a free-flowing meal situation. Along the bottom of the same images, a small timer icon notes the time to prep the meals. Finally, just below the time, there’s a curious “Add to Meal Plan” button. Clicking this will add all of the stats to the bar chart on the right showing your total macronutrient intake, and calories. Once you set your goal (which BulkBites will help you do) it will tell you how much of each nutrient you have left for the day as well.

The website is planning to offer more features in the near future. A more social-driven system, where meal plans can be shared and borrowed. If you notice someone of a similar body type and goal, you can steal their meal plan to help you reach yours. A voting system is also on the horizon, pushing the best recipes to the top of the lists (but not preventing you from searching for others).

With the opening of user registrations, custom meal creation, and the future sharing and voting systems, is going to be a rising star in the online fitness community very quickly.

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