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Dell’s XPS 15 is a Windows-running MacBook Pro starting at $1,500


So, you want a beautiful, robust, premium laptop, with an incredibly dense screen. You get the MacBook Pro with its Retina display, right? Wrong. Well, sort of.

Starting October 15, those who favor the Windows side of life, or who aren’t particularly bothered about what OS they use to surf Facebook, watch YouTube videos or get work done, finally have a high-resolution 15-inch option that doesn’t require them to jump into Apple’s lap.

Dell has updated its high-end XPS 15 Ultrabook, and one of the configurable options is a 3200×1800 IGZO display. (That’s Quad HD+, in case you need a moniker attached to your resolution.) Compare that to the MacBook’s 2800×1800, and you can see where similarities can be drawn.

Need more? Dell is including fourth generation Intel Haswell processors, running Core i5 and i7, with the option of adding discrete NVIDIA graphics. Hard drives are either 500GB or 1TB, paired with a 32GB SSD to help the XPS 15 sleep and resume in seconds, or you can spec a 512GB SSD to handle everything.


Still not sure it can compete with a MacBook? It weighs just 4.44 lbs, slightly less than the MacBook’s 4.46 lbs, and features an “ultra-thin, light wedge design.”

As a final bonus? The Windows 8.1-running laptop’s 5.7 million pixel display can also be touch-enabled, to help you swipe, drag and tap your way around Windows.

The XPS 15 competes with Apple’s best on almost every spec front, except one — price. The 15-inch MacBook Pro starts at a rather eye-watering $2,200. The XPS 15? It starts at just $1,500.

Choice is great, no?

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