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Log Cabin national board member urges Republicans to reject Cuccinelli, Jackson

Cuccinelli.pngMost libertarians understand that there is more to liberty than just low taxes and the right to bear arms. Regardless of their personal religious views, libertarians (as well as many conservatives believe in the time-honored principle of separation of church and state; not just freedom of religion, but freedom from religion for those who so choose. Given their fundamental belief in social tolerance, the last thing libertarians should want is a government based on what many conservatives refer to as ‘biblical principles,’ yet that seems to be what Cuccinelli wants to give us. Most principled libertarians do not believe that the government should oppose equal rights for gay and lesbian Virginians simply because some religions consider homosexuality sinful; such a view is a complete repudiation of the live-and-let-live basis of libertarianism.”

David Lampo, member of the national board of directors for the Log Cabin Republicans and the former vice president and political director of the Northern Virginia Log Cabin Republicans, writing in a Sept. 27 op-ed for The Washington Post about why self-described conservatives and libertarian Republicans in Virginia should not cast their votes for Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli or lieutenant governor nominee E.W. Jackson. Lampo is also the author of A Fundamental Freedom, a book that argues for why Republicans should support marriage equality. 

[Photo: Ken Cuccinelli (courtesy of the Office of the Attorney General).]

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