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Alabama Christmas parade rocked by Prancing Elites dance crew

A group of African-American males from Mobile, Alabama marched as the final Christmas Parade contingent for the nearby town of Semmes. Some of the event’s observers said they should have been warned about who The Prancing Elites were in advance. Town residents have told reporters that they were upset because the men wore make-up and feminine santa outfits; and that they gyrated in an energetic dance style known as J-Setting.

WALA-TV News spoke with the troupe on camera. The group’s captain Kentrell Collins indicated that they had been invited to participate, and they disputed assertions that organizers had been “tricked.” Members said they were met with some jeers and unfriendly comments during the parade. The group did not feel as if they had done anything wrong, but they extended an apology to anyone who had negative feelings about their performance. The group added that they have had an outpouring of positive support, too.

The Prancing Elites have earned hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and appeared on The Real, a TV talk show. On Twitter, they are asking for financial donations through a Kickstarter campaign so that they can continue their performances. 

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