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Two K-98.3 DJs admit to hoax surrounding mother’s nasty refusal of a birthday party invite from two gay dads


“We were attempting to spur a healthy discourse on a highly passionate topic, but we made a mistake by misleading our listeners into thinking that this specific situation actually existed. We are very sorry that we perpetuated this falsehood, even after it was clear that it had taken on a ‘life of its own.’ We deeply apologise for violating your trust, and we will work hard to regain that trust.”

— Long Island radio station K-98.3 Morning Show DJs Steve & Leeana apologizing for fabricating a story in which a mother refused, with vitriol, a birthday party invitation from two gay fathers. The DJs even went so far as to create a fake invite and response, which they posted on the station’s Facebook page, claiming it was given to them by the 7-year-old birthday girl’s fathers. The story was reported widely on the internet, taking flight in the gay blogosphere.

Source: K-98.3

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