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Watch: Dash cam captures cement truck rolling into minivan in Texas

Enjoy your commute home

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As you settle in for the home stretch of your working day, here’s a little something to keep you on your toes for the commute home.

A Texas A&M professor, Dr. Guan Zhu, was piloting his Toyota Sienna through College Station, Texas, when a cement truck ran a stop light, flipped on its side and came straight for the front of his auto. The truck driver attempted evasive maneuvers to avoid the other traffic on the intersection, but lost control and sent his cement mixers hurtling towards the Toyota. Dr. Zhu had recently installed a dash cam in case of accidents, and boy did he luck out.

The harrowing footage could have ended in a disastrous accident, but Zhu, who told KBTX he blacked out during the accident, escaped with only minor injuries. The truck driver was also lucky, leaving his cabin with minor injuries and a ticket from local law enforcers. The only people who really suffered were the clean-up crew, who reportedly spent several hours clearing the road of spilled cement.

Watch the incredible footage, and the full report from KBTX, below.

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