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Anne Rice calls out Facebook fans who claim they “don’t care” about gay issues

Anne Rice Facebook page

“The new anti-gay bigotry takes the form of screaming, ‘I don’t care.’ or ‘Don’t tell me about it.’ Or who cares who you sleep with?’ This is the new hate, the new ugliness. Well, if you don’t care, why post? Do we have to care that you don’t care?… I’m not buying this new anti-gay ‘I don’t care’ bigotry. Not a word of it. What you’re really questioning is that the rest of us care. Or that anyone cares. And that’s really your personal problem. Not ours.”

Novelist Anne Rice addressing her many Facebook followers. A famed writer who specializes in horror, history and erotica, Rice is known for her frequent and direct interactions with fans, generating hundreds of comments on her daily posts. Here, Rice appears to be addressing an odd internet phenomenon where some people — irritated by the prevalence of gay topics in the media — feel compelled to publicly express their displeasure by claiming, instead, not to care. 

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