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Welcome to the Summer Pop Off!

summer_pop_offWelcome to the Summer Pop Off! This is your chance to vote tournament style on what will become the summer song of 2014. This year we want you to nominate your favorite song as a contender in the Summer Pop Off.

Send nominations to thepopoff@yahoo.comOnce the nominations are in we have our Sweet 16!

Our sweet 16 will then battle it out in a series head-to-head rounds. The winner of each round will be voted on by you, your friends, your frenimies, your exes and probably even a cousin or two. Voting for each round will be open for 24 hours. Stay tuned for voting details.

The winner will be announced along with a full Pop Off countdown with DJ Chord at Town on May 31.

The sweet 16 will be announced on Monday, May 19.

Join the event and get all the updates at:

The Summer Pop Off is sponsored by Town, Capital Pride and Metro Weekly.

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