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Did Kevin Smith just come out? (Update: Sadly not.)

Director's account hacked.

Kevin_Smith_by_Gage_Skidmore (2)

Actor, director and screenwriter Kevin Smith, best known for his 1994 comedy Clerks. Smith’s cryptic tweet has caused a lot of confusion with his followers — especially given his marriage of 15 years to wife Jennifer Schwalbach Smith. Fans are opining as to whether Smith is actually coming out, or if he has mistweeted, had his account hacked or if it’s a joke that his followers have yet to be included in. Chances of it being the latter are slim, however, given Smith’s brother is gay and the director has openly supported him in the past, telling CNN in 2012 “Stay out of my brother’s bedroom, buddy… He’s a good dude!”

UPDATE: Smith has confirmed that he was hacked. Sorry guys, the bear icon is still off the market.

 Watch Smith’s interview with Piers Morgan below:

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