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Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee to band together in court on gay-marriage front

“Putting all of the arguments on the same day back-to-back is certainly unusual and actually a very good move. That way the panel gets the benefit of all the arguments at once, giving them a chance at harmonizing the law in this area.”


Photo Source: WLW-TV, Cincinnati, Oh.

Attorney Al Gerhardstein, who is leading the challenge to Ohio’s same-sex marriage ban in a Cincinnati, Ohio courtroom this Wednesday. Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee are banding together to present arguments to a three-judge panel in hopes of getting the bans declared unconstitutional. Unfortunately, two of the three judges are Republican appointees. Kent Ostrander, executive director of Family Foundation of Kentucky, a group opposing gay marriage, said, “Across the nation, it is tantamount to martial law on state marriage policies when relatively few federal judges are overturning marriage amendments that millions of people have voted upon and decided.”

Source: USA Today

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