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“Gotham” will feature lesbian detective

The Fox series will keep out detective from Batman comics

“There’s no way we on Earth we would have a show like this limit itself with out-of-date values.”


Dannon Cannon, co-executive producer of Fox’s upcoming series set in the Batman universe, Gotham, speaking with the Advocate. The series, which focuses on James Gordon in his days as a rookie with the Gotham City Police Department, will feature lesbian detective Renee Montoya, who came out in the comics in 2003. “Gotham is beautiful, dark, dangerous, and romantic,” Cannon stated, “It’s the kind of cityscape you should look at and believe anything can happen, and that means everybody should exist there.” Victoria Cartagena will portray Detective Montoya is more than aware of the impact her character could have: “If watching me means that I can help someone else feel included, then that makes me very happy.” Read the full interview with the Advocate here.

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