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Reactions to Tesla’s “Insane Mode” will make you want the Model S

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When Tesla launched the P85D package for the Model S electric sedan, it was hard to imagine what the extra power it offered would feel like in person. Well, as it transpires, a string of expletives just about sums it up.

Tesla Model S

Bruce Weisblat, of DragTimes on YouTube fame, decided to take his P85D-upgraded Model S out for a spin with various friends and relatives, using the car’s “Insane Mode” to show what AWD and a 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds (less than a Ferrari 458) feels like. The immediate power delivery of an electric motor clearly shocked those used to travel via progressive gas engines — from screams to swear words, his passengers all react in similarly stunned ways.

There’s some NSFW language (okay, there’s actually quite a lot), but it’s definitely worth watching. (If you’d prefer a version sans cussing, click here.)

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