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Bryan Fischer: Gays treated Indiana pizzeria owners like Anne Frank

“He drives his followers to trap a good-hearted American family in their home, like Anne Frank, in fear of their lives simply for what they believe.”

Bryan Fischer

— The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischeragain using his Focal Point show to make homophobic and illogical statements, Right Wing Watch reports.

Fischer claimed that gay people worship a different god, stating: “Whether they recognize it or not, whether they know it or not, but the god that they worship is vengeful, he is vitriolic, he is venomous, he is hateful.” He then claimed that such a deity would convince gay people to force Christians into their homes “like Anne Frank.”

Fischer’s trapped family comments reference the owners of a pizzeria in Indiana, who were forced to close for a number of days after stating that they would use Indiana’s “religious freedom” law to deny service to gay customers.

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