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School bus driver to girls: You’re gay and will burn in hell

“She said that we are gonna burn in hell real bad. I didn’t expect it to happen.”

Credit - JohnPickenPhoto / Flickr

Credit – JohnPickenPhoto / Flickr

Maurissa Rushing, an 11-year-old Missouri native, recounting her experience with a homophobic school bus driver.

Speaking with Fox4KC, Rushing stated that the driver cornered her and a friend after letting the others students off.

“The bus driver, she took us to the back of the bus. We sat down,” Maurissa said. The driver took issue with a game the girls were playing, where they would chase one another’s fingers up an arm. According to Rushing, the driver took issue with the amount of touching the game required, assuming that the girls were gay as a result.

“She was talking really bad to me and I didn’t like that,” Rushing said. “She hurt my feelings very bad.”

According to First Student, who operate the service, the driver was fired as soon as they were made aware of the incident.

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