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The Intrepid Wendell: Precious Moments, Precious Stones

Daniel Boettcher believes a diamond is more than sparkle -- it's a symbol of love

Intrepid Wendell

Daniel Boettcher’s journey to the wholesale jewelry business was as unconventional as it was international, but it all started with a six-inch plush rat named Wendell.

“I used to travel a lot for business,” Boettcher says, “and my husband would put things in my briefcase to surprise me.” One of those things was Wendell. Of the many trips Boettcher and the plush toy took, one was to Antwerp, where Boettcher struck up a conversation with a diamond dealer. Soon, he and the dealer became fast friends, and out of this relationship The Intrepid Wendell was born.

The Intrepid Wendell, named after the globetrotting rat, specializes in diamonds and pearls purchased from vendors around the world. Boettcher has made it his mission to offer the best gems to his customers. “You can’t just buy the best diamonds,” he says. “You need to know the stone cutters, the vendors.” It’s not just about the gems, though. For Boettcher, it’s the look on a customer’s face when he delivers the perfect piece.

“Every email I get starts with ‘I’m about to marry the most beautiful person in the world, and I want to give them something special.'” Boettcher says. “I get so much joy out of helping people find just the right thing for their loved one.” At The Intrepid Wendell, customers can expect to get a personalized experience where they can share their hopes, joys, and excitement in a safe, and open environment. Boettcher treats each piece with the same individual care as he did when he crafted his own bespoke wedding bands for his husband and himself.

Now, two and a half years later, The Intrepid Wendell serves clients of all sexualities from around the world. When a customer chooses Wendell, they aren’t just buying a diamond, they’re making a new friend in Boettcher.

“Just the other day, I helped a man from a farm in Iowa find his engagement ring,” Boettcher says. “Knowing that they’re going to wear that for the rest of their lives brings me a lot of joy.”

The Intrepid Wendell is located in Dupont Circle. For more information, call 202-688-0545 or visit Also, make sure to visit their Pride Booth at this year’s Capital Pride Festival on Sunday, June 14.

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