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Solaris Laser & Skin Care: A Welcoming Spa

Warmth and happiness is the mainstay of this friendly state-of-the-art spa in Vienna

Solaris Skin CareShirin Nariman was inspired to open Solaris Laser & Skin Care after years of searching in vain for a state-of-the-art spa — one using the best equipment that wasn’t a cold, calculating, high-pressure business venture.

“We try to give positive energy to our clients, to make them feel good about whatever they do here,” says Nariman, who was inspired by the sun for her spa’s name and decor. “The sun gives warmth and happiness. It is the mother of earth and the whole world.”

Everyone is welcome at Solaris, from the novice — “we offer free consultations for all of our services [and] take our time to explain and address all concerns” — to those in the LGBT community. A lifelong supporter of human rights, Nariman rebukes the anti-LGBT attitudes — even violence — of leaders in the country of her birth. “I hope that one day we can help my people in Iran, the many gay and transgendered people who are being persecuted. I see it as a violation of human rights. God created everyone for a reason.”

Solaris also aims to be a welcoming environment for men as well as women. “We have a lot of male clients for all of our services, from fixing their eyebrows to getting laser hair treatment or botox and facials.” Some spas use multipurpose laser equipment — removing varicose veins or wrinkles as well as hair — which is not as strong or effective as the all-skin-type, hair-specific laser that Solaris uses. “We’re seeing very good results,” says Nariman. “I can’t recall any of my clients telling me that it didn’t work for them.”

The price is right, too: Rather than more typical prices of $4,000 or $5,000, Solaris offers a six-session laser hair removal on special for only $1,800. They also offer an introductory botox special of $11 per unit — which contrasts with a more typical price of $12 to $14 elsewhere. It generally takes a minimum of 25 to 30 units per session, for a total cost of $275 to $330. “We go conservatively,” Nariman says. “We don’t want to put too much botox that the face is completely changed.”

Additionally, Solaris offers massage in its aim to be a “refuge — for people who need a place just to relax.”

For Nariman, her business philosophy is pretty simple. “It’s about health, it’s about beauty and it’s about making people feel good about themselves.”

Solaris Laser & Skin Care is located at 513 Maple Ave. West in Vienna. For more information, call 703-255-0300 or visit

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