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Anti-gay Christian leader calls for segregated communities

LGBT activists are "destructive extremists"

Credit: Mission America

Credit: Mission America

As we all know, segregation in the 20th century was a flawless plan that worked perfectly and was in no way discriminatory or unconstitutional.

That deeply disturbed logic is clearly what has inspired Linda Harvey, founder of anti-gay Christian group Mission America, to demand that Christians form their own segregated communities to keep out LGBT people. No, really.

Using the example of sanctuary cities, in which illegal immigrants won’t be prosecuted using municipal funds or resources, Harvey argues that the only way Christians can continue to ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage is to establish Christian-only cities.

“I believe there’s a clear precedent for establishing sanctuary cities for authentic, lawful, man/woman marriage,” she wrote in a column for right-wing website “Think about how great life would be in those cities. After all, unlike the defiance of immigration law, these cities would be upholding the actual law under our actual Constitution, not the imaginary one in the mind of Justice Anthony Kennedy.”

Harvey imagines a pro-discrimination utopia, where residents can “keep out vile ‘gay-pride’ parades as well as harassment lawsuits against bakers and florists.” She proclaims that families would be healthier and safer and that schools would be banned from “falsely implying that some people are born homosexual, or born to mutilate themselves by sex-change surgery.” The next generation of residents — some of whom will inevitably be LGBT — will be controlled as there will be “no ban on counseling for teens who have same-sex attractions.”

[Imagine] the freedom to live the truth,” she concludes. “No one in such cities would be arrested or sued or fired or demoted over marriage, or have a TV show canceled, or be kicked out of grad school, or lose a consulting contract, or be mocked, or given a failing grade for supporting only man/woman marriage, or be prevented from preaching the whole Gospel.”

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