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Huckabee: Obama disrespected “millions of Americans” by inviting gay activists to meet pope

Huckabee compared the invite to hosting an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with an open bar

Mike Huckabee - Photo: Gage Skidmore

Mike Huckabee – Photo: Gage Skidmore

Mike Huckabee has lashed out at President Obama for inviting LGBT activists and pro-choice campaigners to meet with Pope Francis.

The Republican presidential candidate, who seems to be competing with Ted Cruz for the conservative Christian vote, wrote an op-ed for Daily Caller in which he stated that Obama was showing “total disrespect to millions of Americans by transforming Pope Francis’ White House visit into a politicized cattle call for gay and pro-abortion activists.”

“Welcoming a pro-life, pro-marriage leader at the White House with a crowd of abortion and gay rights activists is as classy as hosting an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with an open bar,” he said. “President Obama should be ashamed of himself.”

Huckabee also reiterated his claim that “this administration supports the criminalization of Christianity in America,” using the example of Kim Davis — who was jailed for failing to follow a judge’s order, not for being a Christian bigot.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Vatican has taken offense to the White House’s inclusion of Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop and Mateo Williamson, a former co-head of the transgender branch of Dignity USA, among others on the official invite list for the Pope’s visit. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest defended the list — and refuted claims that Obama was making a political statement — pointing out that 15,000 people had been invited to D.C. to meet Pope Francis.

“I would warn you against drawing a lot of conclusions about one or two or maybe even three people who may be on the guest list, because there will be 15,000 other people there too,” he said.

Huckabee is no stranger to opposing Obama’s actions in office, last week objecting to the President’s nomination of Eric Fanning — who is gay — to be Army Secretary. Fanning spent 25 years serving in various military-related positions, including as as Under Secretary and Acting Secretary of the Air Force, but Huckabee blasted his nomination as “pandering to liberal interest groups.”

“President Obama is more interested in appeasing America’s homosexuals than honoring America’s heroes,” he said.

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