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Conservative radio host: Where can I shop if everywhere is pro-gay?

Credit: Mission America

Credit: Mission America

We feel so sorry for anti-gay activist Linda Harvey. The radio host and founder of Mission: America, a “network of parents and others concerned about the promotion of homosexuality,” couldn’t find anywhere to shop over the holidays as too many companies now support LGBT rights. Poor thing.

In a post last year for right-wing website WND, Harvey complained that there is a growing shortage of stores that support her anti-gay world view.

“For any Christian who wants to spend hard-earned dollars with family-friendly, Christian-affirming retailers, restaurants and service providers, the list is growing shorter all the time,” she wrote.

Harvey stopped shopping at Macy’s due to “the retailer’s grossly unjust policy against women.”

“Macy’s management said ‘yes’ to a transsexual young man’s demand to change in the women’s dressing room and rejected a Christian employee’s attempt to block his inappropriate access, even firing her because of her principled actions,” Harvey asserted.

Except that the employee in question wasn’t fired for “her principled actions.” In 2011, Natalie Johnson — an employee at a San Antonio Macy’s — prevented a transgender woman from using the women’s dressing room. It was in direct violation of Macy’s policy, which states that transgender persons can use either dressing room. Johnson refused to comply, citing her religious beliefs, and was terminated.

Harvey doesn’t just hate Macy’s, though.

“Then there’s Target. Where to start?”

Somewhere homophobic, it transpires.

“Selling ‘gay pride’ T-shirts a few years back was bad enough, but Target is now ‘proudly standing’ with homosexuals and cross-dressers who want to change America’s 1964 Civil Rights Act to add ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity,'” Harvey said.

She states that the Equality Act, which would add such amendments, should be opposed by “every thinking, Constitution-loving American, including every GOP presidential candidate” and calls it “anti-American, pro-deviance” legislation. A number of companies support the Equality Act, which was introduced to Congress last year, including Amazon, Google, General Mills, Levi-Strauss, American Airlines, Apple, Nike and others. Strike those off your shopping list, too, Linda.

Harvey also took issue with “recent traitor” Wal-Mart. The “one-time reliable backer of Judeo-Christian standards” has apparently joined the “dark side,” due to Wal-Mart joining other companies in pressuring Arkansas and Indiana to abandon so-called “religious freedom” laws that would have legalized discrimination of LGBT people.

“Why would Wal-Mart side with sexual anarchists against the First Amendment liberties of all Americans to oppose homosexual behavior?” Harvey questions. “But their unfaithfulness doesn’t end there. Wal-Mart is now a financial backer of deviant ‘gay pride’ parades. What happened to this company?”

They, like most of America, have moved into the twenty-first century, Linda.

Mattel is also off Linda’s shopping list, due to an advert for Moschino Barbie that dared to show a boy playing with the infamous doll — or as Harvey puts it: “a wicked accommodation to the current gender-destructive culture.”

And don’t even get her started on JC Penney.

“Don’t even get me started on the many in-your-face-insults of JC Penney.” she writes. (We told you.) Harvey loathes that the clothing retailer used Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson and featured adverts with same-sex couples on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

She also falsely attributes JC Penney’s current dire straits with the retailer’s support of LGBT people. “The company apparently learned nothing from its sales decline after these miscalculations.” Actually, the company changed its entire pricing approach, which drove away the bargain hunters who previously filled its stores, a move it’s still trying (and failing) to recover from.

But all isn’t lost for Harvey and her anti-gay ilk. So dedicated is she to shopping at businesses that don’t support gay rights, she’s using the Human Rights Campaign’s very own Corporate Equality Index to see who hasn’t scored well in their implementation of pro-LGBT policies.

As a result, Harvey was able to get all of her Christmas shopping done at… em… Dollar Tree, Auto Zone, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Lowe’s, among others. Her poor family.

H/T: Pink News

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