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Orlando Pride caused Hurricane Matthew, rants petty homophobe

God is apparently sending Matthew as a "sign of anger"

Hurricane Floyd, Photo: NOAA / Satellite and Information Service

Hurricane Floyd, Photo: NOAA / Satellite and Information Service

“You want to stop not this hurricane, but future catastrophes? Then stop sinning, especially with sodomy.”

Andrew Bieszad, a contributor to anti-gay website As Hurricane Matthew threatens the East Coast, Right Wing Watch found a post by Bieszad titled: “Hurricane Matthew Is The Wrath Of God Poured Out On The Cities Of Orlando And Savannah For Supporting The Evil Sodomites.”


God is apparently sending Matthew as a “sign of anger” for supporting those pesky gays. It’s also to disrupt this weekend’s Orlando Pride. According to Orlando Pride’s website, they are “monitoring the situation with Hurricane Matthew closely and at this time are proceeding with this Saturday’s activities as planned.” No word on if they have any procedures in place to handle biblical wrath.

“While not all bad weather is necessarily a sign of sin, both sacred scripture and sacred tradition clearly note that it can be so,” Bieszad rants in his post. He contends that the reason for Hurricane Matthew is obvious: “[W]e know that Florida is an area that is infected with sin, especially cities such as Miami and Orlando, which are veritable dens of sodomy.”

Bieszad is convinced that Matthew is a sign that God is totally over Orlando’s embracing of the LGBT community: “Given America’s love affair with the worst forms of perversity, it is a sign of His anger against us for our obstinate attitude towards sin and refusal to repent for our evil ways.”

You keep repenting, Andrew. The rest of us will carry on with our lives.

And to all those in the path of Hurricane Matthew, stay safe, follow updates, and keep being as gay as ever.

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