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Patricia Arquette “really bummed” Alexis wasn’t included in Oscars’ In Memoriam

Arquette said it was unfortunate that the Academy omitted her sister, particularly for trans youth watching

Patricia Arquette, Photo: Frantogian / Wiki Commons

“I’m really bummed. For the in memoriam, they left out our sister Alexis, and she was trans.”

–Actress Patricia Arquette, speaking with Vanity Fair after the 2017 Academy Awards. Arquette vented her frustration over her sister, Alexis Arquette, not appearing in the In Memoriam segment during Sunday night’s broadcast.

Arquette made the comments after praising Best Picture winner Moonlight, saying she was touched by “this beautiful story about a gay kid in America in a world that doesn’t accept gay people.”

Alexis Arquette passed away last year of complications due to HIV. Patricia Arquette criticized the Academy, who have yet to comment on the omission, for leaving her sister from the broadcast.

“We’re living in a time right now where trans kids can’t even go to the bathroom in schools and they’re diminished in society,” Arquette told Vanity Fair. “It’s really unfortunate that the Oscars decided they couldn’t show a trans person who was such an important person in this community. Because — trans kids — it could have meant a lot to them.”

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