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Wig Night OUT Returns: Bobs, Bouffants, and Beehives, Oh My!

Annual event at JR.'s raises funds for Point Foundation and Whitman-Walker Health

Wig Night Out: Point-Foundation Fundraiser at JR.’s — Photo: Ward Morrison

“Our second year, we had Wig Night Out downstairs at Level One, in the Cobalt complex,” says Jack Jacobson. “The ceiling was so low, too many wigs were hitting [it], because some people brought out really big, beautiful wigs. A lot of people were walking stooped over.

“That year, my mother and I had matching beehives,” Jacobson, one of the organizers of the annual fundraising event, continues. “We’re both short, so we weren’t hitting the ceiling, but we were getting pretty close.”

Wig Night Out was since moved to JR.’s, where nobody need worry about a ceiling flattening their hair — whether it’s a ’50s-style bouffant or a Marie Antoinette-emulating pouf with cascading ringlets.

“The bar is just about the right size,” says Jacobson. “We get just a little bit of traffic off 17th Street, and JR.’s is always incredibly supportive of philanthropy in the city, so they’re a really terrific partner for this event.”

Half of the proceeds from this year’s event will benefit the Point Foundation, which provides scholarships for LGBTQ students seeking to attend a four-year college, community college, or grad school. The other half will go to Whitman-Walker Health, which has spent decades serving D.C.’s LGBTQ community. To participate, all one needs is a wig and a $10 donation.

Says Jacobson, “It’s a lighthearted, super easy event with a lot of color and flash.”

The 8th annual Wig Night Out is Saturday, Mar. 4 from 9 to 11 p.m. at JR.’s, 1519 17th St. NW. For more information, visit

Wig Night Out: Point-Foundation Fundraiser at JR.’s — Photo: Ward Morrison

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