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Italian bar faces outrage over gay version of The Last Supper

It features a tattooed Jesus and oral sex, but does it go too far?

Photo: DiverCity / Facebook

“Like any business, we respect secularism and freedom of expression of each and all! Our doors are always open to all, without distinction of race, sex or religion.”

Caffe Verdi, a bar in Salerno, Italy, which hosts a weekly LGBTQ night, responding to criticism over a gay-themed version of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.”

DiverCity, which sponsors the weekly event at the bar, promoted its Easter night with a gay interpretation of the famous painting, featuring a tattooed Jesus surrounded by his 12 disciples — who are all in various states of undress, as well as kissing, stripping, and even enjoying oral sex.

Locals were apparently outraged, with the deputy coordinator of Forza Italia — a center-right political party — in Salerno demanding the event be cancelled as a show of respect to the local Christian community, The Local Italy reports.

Forza Italia’s Fabio Mammone said: “The organizers are neither blasphemous, nor ‘alternative’ but simply misplaced and disrespectful.”

Comments on Facebook were mixed, with one user writing that DiverCity and Caffe Verdi would “have to apologize for the rest of your life for the lack of respect towards those who believe in Jesus.” However, another user applauded organizers for their “courage, independence, and equality.”

DiverCity’s Emanuele Avagliano said: “We reiterate with strength and conviction our freedom to live and enjoy ourselves as we see fit.” He urged the local LGBTQ community to come to Thursday’s event with “even more force and conviction, to lay claim to a space of freedom which is indispensable for the gay and transgender men and women in our city.”

What do you think? Does the image go too far, or is it just harmless fun?

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