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Family and friends launch GoFundMe to send Gavin Grimm to college

Teenager who challenged Gloucester County's restroom policy says he does not wish to remain in the county

Gavin Grimm, Photo: Todd Franson

Family and friends of Gavin Grimm have launched a GoFundMe page to help the transgender teenage advocate pay for college, reports the Daily Press.

Vanessa Ford, the mother of a transgender daughter who was featured along with Grimm in a documentary hosted by journalist Katie Couric examining gender identity, launched the page to help Grimm pay for travel, textbooks, and other extraneous, non-tuition-related expenses that college students incur.

“This is a way for everyday people — not gigantic celebrities, but just for people — to say, ‘I support you,” Ford told the Daily Press.

Grimm’s name became synonymous with transgender rights after he sued the Gloucester County School Board for passing a policy that barred him from the boys’ restroom and required him to use single-stall facilities, including a bathroom in the nurse’s office and several converted broom closets. Prior to the policy passing, Grimm had transitioned and was allowed to use the boys’ bathroom for almost two months, without incident and without any other students complaining.

Grimm sued the board, alleging it had violated his rights under the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution and under Title IX, a law preventing sex-based discrimination. His lawsuit temporarily made history when the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals determined that he had a right to sue for violations of his Title IX rights. For a while, his case was even headed to the Supreme Court. 

Subsequently, after the Trump administration rescinded existing guidance from the Obama administration regarding the treatment of transgender students according to their gender identity, the Supreme Court sent the case back to the 4th Circuit to determine whether he still had a right to sue under Title IX. The 4th Circuit then remanded the case back to the district court level, where it is still being argued.

Grimm is not sure exactly what he would like to study in college, but has expressed interest in becoming a teacher. In previous interviews with Metro Weekly, he has also expressed interest in studying genetics, and maybe even becoming a geneticist.

Unfortunately for his family, Grimm has no desire to stay in the Gloucester County area after graduation, telling the Daily Press: “I don’t have any desire to stay in Gloucester. There’s nothing for me here besides my family, and once I move on it’s going to suck to leave, but I can visit.”

To contribute to Grimm’s GoFundMe, visit Those wishing to make private, larger donations are encouraged to contact Vanessa Ford through the GoFundMe page.

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