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Drawing Justice: The Art of Courtroom Illustration

Aggie Kenny: Westmoreland Trial with Paint Box

A  showcase of the Library of Congress’ extensive collection of original drawings by artists, commissioned during the past 50 years by newspapers and television stations to capture the personal dynamics of legal trials where cameras aren’t allowed. Artists in the exhibition include Howard Brodie, Marilyn Church, Pat Lopez, Arnold Mesches, Gary Myrick, Freda Reiter, Bill Robles, Jane Rosenberg, and Elizabeth Williams.

Their drawings provided insight into the drama and impact of events in American law and influenced how Americans perceived race and race relations, religion, gender issues, political and corporate corruption, international relations, and the role of celebrities in society.

Now to Dec. 30. South Gallery, Second Floor of the Thomas Jefferson Building, 10 First St. SE. Call 202-707-8000 or visit

Bill Robles. Manson Leaping at Judge Charles H. Older!, October 5, 1970. India ink

Elizabeth-Williams: Mick Jagger Just Another Night trial, April-1988

Elizabeth Williams: Bernard Madoff, Going to Jail Post Plea

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