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Camila Grey plays Bare’s 9th Anniversary Party

Grey will be joined by Miami-based DJ Citizen Jane and DJ Eletr0x at Cobalt

DJ X Names

Camila Grey is all about Oprah.

“Let’s talk about that speech she gave at the Golden Globes,” says the 36-year-old musician. “She’s was so inspirational. The world needs someone like an Oprah, someone who’s going to inspire and unite — all the things that Barack was trying to do. We need some next-level stuff to happen.” She laughs. “I was going to use an expletive there, but I won’t.”

Grey is the former member of the now dormant Uh-Huh-Her (“We’ll never say we’re over; we’re saying we’re on an indefinite hiatus”) and is currently singing lead with Summer Moon, a “supergroup” featuring bassist Nicholai Frasier (The Strokes), drummer Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction) and guitarist Noah Harmon (Airborne Toxic Event). The band will go out on tour with The Killers starting next week. But Grey’s sidegig is tag-team DJ-ing with friend Kate Moennig, one of the stars of The L Word and Ray Donovan, under the moniker DJ X Names (“It’s pronounced DJ No Names”). The pair will headline the 9th anniversary party of Bare, presented by The Ladies of LURe this Saturday at Cobalt.

“We build our sets into each other,” says Grey. “I’m the more ethereal, electronic, and I generally start the set off with really cool, off-beat, off-kilter electronic music like Dark Wave, New Wave, all that ’80s stuff that we love. I build it into hip hop and then Kate takes it. We have found — and this is market research — that people really like hip hop at the end of the night.”

The conversation soon drifts back to politics. “I’m going to get political for a second,” says Grey, noting that her upcoming appearance in D.C. marks one year to the day of the massive Women’s March on Washington. “Under the Obama administration, things felt like they were getting better. There was hope. He was a human speaking to other humans. Now it feels as though we’re backpedaling back 100 years to this weird political ideology of keeping things dark and in the closet…. It’s going to be divisive for a while in the sense that there’s the old school and there’s going to be the new school. Rest-assured, I’ll be part of the new school. And so, like I said, Oprah for President.”

Bare’s 9th Anniversary Party is Saturday, Jan. 20 at Cobalt, 1639 R St. NW. The event will also feature the Miami-based DJ Citizen Jane and DJ Eletr0x. The anti-smoking campaign This Free Life will raffle off a Google Home. General admission is $40, or $75 for VIP admission including limited “Meet and Greet” Tickets. Call 202-232-4416 or visit

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