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Women who planned to marry in 24 countries sadly announce one is dying

Fleur Pierets revealed that her wife, Julian Boom, has just three months to live

Fleur Pierets and Julian Boom — Photo: Facebook

Fleur Pierets, co-founder of Project 22, has tragically announced that her wife, Julian P. Boom, is dying.

Project 22 was an ambitious plan by the couple to marry in the then-22 countries around the world where same-sex marriage is legal. Since embarking on the project, that number has risen to 24 with Malta and Germany.

However, in a Facebook post Pierets revealed that Boom has been diagnosed with “numerous tumors in her head and around her heart.”

“My beautiful wife, the love of my life is dying,” Pierets said. “A week ago we called the doctor in France because Julian couldn’t hold her food and had fainted.”

Boom has been given three months to live, during which she will apparently lose her ability to talk, her memory, and will eventually “slip into a coma.”

Pierets added that the cancer has apparently been developing for ten years, but went undetected even after Boom was treated for breast cancer in 2016.

The couple first married in 2012 and embarked on Project 22 earlier this year.

After an outpouring of support in the comments, Pierets wrote a follow-up post, thanking those who had messaged for their “loving vibes,” as well as an update on Boom’s condition.

“Julian isn’t able to read anymore but I’m reading all your letters out loud, in those few moments when she’s awake,” she said. “We are taking your blessings with us. Thank you for being there.”

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Pierets and Boom with their medical expenses, with Gay Star News reporting that their insurance was only partly covering their costs.

“Fleur and Julian touched our hearts,” Robert Simeon Greene, who set up the page, wrote in a post. “They inspired us, and helped us to realize that no dream is too crazy to follow.”

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