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South Carolina Republicans want to call same-sex marriages “parody marriage”

The bill would only allow heterosexual unions to be considered marriages

Photo by Todd Franson

Six South Carolina legislators have introduced a bill that would establish gay marriage as “parody marriage.”

The “Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act” was introduced to the House and would separate same-sex marriages from what its sponsors deem as “marriage.”

“‘Parody marriage’ means any form of marriage that does not involve one man and one woman,” the bill states. “‘Marriage’ means a union of one man and one woman.”

Should this bill pass, South Carolina would be prohibited from “respecting, endorsing, or recognizing any ‘parody marriage’ policy or policies that treat sexual orientation as a suspect class.”

The bill’s sponsors, all Republican, want to remove any of the benefits that come with marriage.

“Marriage between and man and a woman arose out of the nature of things and marriage between a man and a woman is natural, neutral, and noncontroversial, unlike parody forms of marriage,” the bill says.

The bill goes on to state that these so called “sexual orientation policies” and “parody marriages” have been used as “legal weapons” against people who do not believe in these “parody marriages”

State Rep. Steven Long, the original proposer of the bill, told WACH FOX News that the bill would allow free expression for everyone.

“It’s true that people can do whatever they want in their own homes but they can’t force that on the state,” he said.

Jeff March, president of S.C. Pride, said that the bill was “pure outright prejudice” and deems the term parody offensive, according to WACH.

“We’re not trying to impersonate anyone here. we are trying to be the equal of everyone here,” March said. “It’s written with hate. I can’t imagine there are state officials that put this in writing.”

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