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Washington Scandals host “Rugby 101” recruitment event on February 24

The Washington Scandals hopes to enlist new teammates through their part-informational clinic, part-team social event

Washington Scandals — Photo: Eric G. Brown

“What I love about rugby is that it’s a team sport,” says Mike Arnone, recruitment chair for the Washington Scandals Rugby Football Club. “It’s something you have to train for, and you form very close bonds with your teammates as you train for a common purpose.”

If that sounds like your kind of thing, you’re in luck. This upcoming Saturday, the Scandals will be hosting “Rugby 101,” a part-informational clinic, part-team social. The gay rugby team’s biggest recruitment event of the year, it introduces newcomers to the basic rules of the sport and gives them a taste of what playing feels like And, hopefully, find some new team members in the process.

Arnone insists that there are no physical limitations on who can join — despite rugby’s reputation as a hard sport played by tough, burly men.

“If you’re a smaller, faster guy, there’s a position for you,” he says. “You can excel at certain positions that bigger guys cannot. You can really play to your strengths. It really is a sport for everybody.”

The Washington Scandals Rugby Football Club’s “Rugby 101″ is Saturday, Feb. 24 from 2-6 p.m. The event starts at Shaw Athletic Field, 1615 11th St. NW, from 2-3:30 p.m., and then moves to Uproar Lounge at 639 Florida Ave. NW for a social. Visit

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