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[Photos] 15 Awesome (Mostly LGBTQ) Pics from Awesome Con 2018

Our favorite shots from 2018 Awesome Con, March 30-April 1

The cosplay force was strong with Washington area geeks last weekend for the largest Awesome Con yet. For three sci-fi-and-fantasy-filled days, the Walter E. Washington Convention Center bustled with men  — and women — in tights, droids, Wookies, Poison Ivys, citizens of Wakanda, assorted X-Men, Iron Mans, Spider-Mans, a seemingly out-of-place Mary Poppins or two, and more than a few truly fierce Gokus.

Not to mention artists. Rows upon rows upon rows of artists and illustrators, many of them uniquely gifted, sold their wares in Artist Alley, which filled half of the massive convention center floor. No LGBTQ visit was complete without a saunter down Pride Alley, a special section sponsored by Geeks Out and dedicated to LGBTQ artists.

Prior to the event, we spoke with special guest John Barrowman, he of Dr. Who, Torchwood, and Arrow fame. Read his unbridled, candid Q&A here. Meanwhile, during the event itself, we hauled out our cameras and shot like Buckaroo Banzais on overdrive. The following dozen photos were among our favorites from the weekend. A link to all 154 photos follows the scroll.

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