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Metro Weekly Magazine Print Edition: Betty Who – Sept. 26, 2019 (Interactive PDF)

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Cover Story: Betty Who – We can’t get enough of the dynamic pop star, returning for a third consecutive performance at the All Things Go Fall Classic. Interview by Doug Rule. Page 24

Global Influencer – Ian Brennan’s latest book looks at international musicians who would be silenced by their own countries. Page 14

Get Sappy – Renée Zellweger brilliantly channels the great Judy Garland, even though her singing chops aren’t up to the task. Page 35

Spotlight: Blisspop p.7 Out On the Town p.10 The Demagogue Whisperer: Where’s My Roy Cohn? P.12 The Feed: Troubling Transphobia p.19 The Feed: Therapeutic Decision p.19 The Feed: Friendly Fire p.20 Community: National Trans Visibility March p.21 Community Calendar p.21 Women First: All Things Go p.30 Gallery: Art Inspired by the Twilight Zone p.33 Stage: Cats p.37 Stage: School Girls; or, The African Mean Girls Play p.38 Nightlife: Avalon Saturday with DJ Dan Slater p.39 Nightlife Listings p.40 Nightlife Highlights p.41 Last Word p.46

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