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Welcome to Forum, Metro Weekly’s newest section.

It’s a place for your voice to be heard, a place for curated conversations and ideas, a place to discuss — seriously and, perhaps, humorously — LGBTQ issues, both local and national, vital to our times (or, even, to look at any current topic from an LGBTQ perspective).

Forum works in several ways. You may:

  1. Submit a letter to the editor about any topic or about any article we’ve covered. Letters may be edited for length and clarity and may be published in any medium. We cannot reply to every letter. Submission of a letter is not a guarantee of publication in print or online. You can submit a letter via online form or email a letter to
  2. Be part of an exclusive Forum mailing list to get weekly questions and participate in a discussion that will appear in print and online. Click here to join.
  3. Take our online polls and weigh in on any number of topics. You can find current polls throughout the site or on this page below.

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