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  • Fergie Is Back On The Charts With A Huge New Hit Single…Sort Of

    Jack Harlow's No. 1 hit 'First Class' relies heavily on a sample from Fergie's single 'Glamorous,' utilizing a single line that repeats.

  • Beat Rock

    A decade ago, the Black Eyed Peas was an alternative hip-hop trio with a devoted cult following. They soon exploded into the mainstream to become...

  • Soundwaves

    YOKO ONO'S PEACE DANCE... In a world coming increasingly unmoored, pleas for peace may seem naïve, but they're also very necessary. Just as she did...

  • Soundwaves

    FERGIE TAKES ON TINA... Stacy Ferguson has had an effect on the Black Eyed Peas something akin to crystal meth. Before Fergie, the Peas were...