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Vacuum Vibes

Arthur Loves Plastic

Electronic music usually makes you want to hit a dance floor. But give Arthur Loves Plastic a spin, and it may sway you to sweep.

“A lot of people enjoy doing their housework to my music, ” admits Bev Stanton, the solo artist who records as Arthur Loves Plastic. She takes that as a compliment, reasoning that her fast-paced music is “kind of soothing and inspirational while you’re doing something vaguely unpleasant. ”

It’s a laid-back attitude, as unpretentious and uncomplicated as you’ll find. Somewhat of a genial homebody, Stanton’s whole approach to making music revolves around and radiates out from her home, in suddenly silver Silver Spring. She “becomes a hermit ” most weekends, holed up in her studio working on her music.

“I like making music that’s suitable for people with short attention spans who are not going to be listening to it on a dance floor, ” says Stanton, who took her artist name from one of her three royally-named cats and his fondness for plastic grocery bags. Her sample-heavy music is not so different from Moby — a little sweeter, a bit more international, a lot more playful. She often starts with pieces of music derived from indie rock or folk and then applies “electronic flourishes ” to them, creating something new.

“I like doing hybrid sorts of stuff and playing with different kinds of genres, ” says Stanton, who has self-released all but two of her eleven CDs, for sale exclusively from her website. She’ll release her eleventh record, Savage Bliss, at Café Japone’s downstairs bar. It’s more of a lounge atmosphere than most clubs, she says; a perfect place to hear her music.

When you don’t feel like dust-busting a move at home, that is.

Arthur Loves Plastic’s CD release party is this Saturday, March 20 at 11 p.m., at Café Japone, 2032 P Street NW. Visit for more info.

Doug Rule covers the arts, theater, music, food, nightlife and culture as contributing editor for Metro Weekly.