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2004: The Year in Review

Looking back at a long, long year for gays

We had the strangest dream about 2004.

Everything was carefree and gay, and the good fairies had done away with sodomy laws and we were all getting ready to fly to P-town and get married. But then all the president’s minions got together to foil our adventure, and the Democrats who were going to protect us started acting really weird and nominated Lurch to run for president and we started to get really, really scared.

And then on election day a good witch told us that we were going to win the election — even Florida, she said! But then Karl Rove flew in on his broomstick and took all the Midwestern states away from us, and cackled as his winged constitutional amendments terrified us all.

And George Bush was there, and John Edwards was there, and Howard Dean was there, and Rick Santorum was there, and Ronald Reagan was there. Everybody was there.

  Oh, it was such a weird dream. Now can someone pinch us to wake us up? We’re waiting….

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Sean Bugg is Editor Emeritus for Metro Weekly.