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A Convenient Approach to Cosmetic Enhancement

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If you’ve been thinking about creating a whole new you — or simply doing some touch-ups on the current you — the wealth of options may seem overwhelming. From cosmetic surgery to Botox injections to facial fillers to chemical peels, there may seem to be too many options to choose from. And, for many, even those options may seem too invasive for comfort.

Enter The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (MFA), where a range of options await those who want to freshen or improve their image by way of the latest laser technologies. MFA offers 41 different medical specialties, including a full-service cosmetic laser dermatology department.

For both the first-time client and the regular visitor, the non-invasive laser approach is a convenient and effective way to meet your own cosmetic and personal needs with a realm of services that are designed for people who don’t want surgery.

For example, a client may just want to buff him or herself up for the season or a specific event. In that case, a simple laser dermabrasion can be the ticket to a glowing disposition. And although longer term cosmetic goals may require multiple sessions, even one dermabrasion can leave you looking refreshed. At around $150 per treatment, it’s an investment in feeling good about the way you look.

Many people interested in cosmetic laser procedures are thinking about hair removal. With a wide range of lasers on hand, MFA can provide hair removal for clients of all skin tones and hair types. The cost can be up to a few hundred dollars per visit, depending on the area being treated and the condition of the hair.

Acne and other scarring can also be effectively treated with lasers, reducing or removing scars over a course of treatment. And, of course, there are many people out there who have decided that the cool tattoos from their twenties aren’t quite so cool in their thirties. Laser removal can help there as well, although older tattoos are easier to remove than new ones.

The newest laser in the MFA arsenal is the Fraxel laser, which aids in reducing sun damage and wrinkles — just the thing if you’ve been stressing over the long-term effects the beach-season has had on your skin.

Of course, all clients should feel comfortable talking about their needs and concerns, which is why MFA’s well-trained staff — headed by Sunila Walia, M.D., Director of Laser Surgery and GW Assistant Professor of Dermatology — will consult with each client about the best course of action for their cosmetic goals. The relaxing waiting room, the friendly staff, the professionally appointed treatment rooms — all add up to a comfortable cosmetic experience. It’s their goal to give you the correct cosmetic laser solution to the problem you have.

The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates is located at 2150 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 9th Floor, Washington, D.C. For more information call 202-741-3240 or visit