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A 2007 Resolution You Can Save On

RESOLUTIONS 2007: A New Year, A New You
  Get In Shape     Awaken Your Spirituality
  Organize Your Closets     Plan Your Life
  Get the Right Insurance     Check Out Cosmetic Surgery

January means many things in Washington: snowy weather, New Year’s resolutions, and, at Logan Hardware, 30% off all elfa® closet and organizing solutions.

Besides carrying a wide range of organizational products such as sweater bags, premium hangers, and unique spice racks, Logan Hardware is one of few independent hardware stores in the U.S. authorized to sell elfa® products.

Organizing is a great winter activity and ideal way to start the new year. According to Gina Schaefer, Logan Hardware owner, ”The sale of organizing products increases during the winter. We offer elfa® because of its superior quality. Our customers return to tell us that elfa® has changed their lives.” With some creativity, the elfa® system’s functionality is endless and ideal for any closet, kitchen pantry, garage, office or laundry room.

One way to maximize the effectiveness of elfa® is to hire a professional organizer to design your dream closet or transform your living space into a comfortable, ordered environment.

We asked professional organizer, Scott Roewer, President of Solutions by Scott to provide some tips for overstuffed closets, exploding pantries and cluttered offices. Roewer is quick to recommend elfa®.

• Most people wear 20% of their wardrobes 80% of the time. Sort items from your closet and donate items you no longer wear to a charity or shelter.

• Sorting is essential for a closet make-over. Have a friend over, open a good bottle of wine and have a fashion show.

• People save time and money when they are organized because they can easily find the supplies they already own.

• When planning your elfa® design, measure your space and inventory the items to be stored. A design and planning checklist can be found on the ”Tips” page of

According to Roewer, ”Closets in D.C. have shape and size limitations. Elfa® works best for customizing storage and maximizing space and functionality while increasing visibility of the contents. Better yet, elfa® can be adjusted as your wardrobe or storage needs evolve.”

Roewer recommends you determine storage requirements before you shop.

”Logan Hardware has storage bins, cubes, and accessories to maximize your closet space,” he says. ”Dress it up with the elfa® décor, which is beautiful and stylish, creating a warm and inviting closet. Customized, attractive, and useful closets make the daily organizing experience enjoyable.”

Let elfa®, Solutions by Scott and Logan Hardware transform your closet into a happy place.

Solutions by Scott Professional Organizing can be reached at 202-249-8330 or by visiting on the web.

Logan Hardware is at 1416 P Street NW. Visit