Community Partners

2008 Capital Pride

History. Vision. Legacy.
A sense of our past.
A plan for our future.
A respect for our heritage.
History. Vision. Legacy.

Those are the ideals of this year’s Capital Pride theme, and those are the ideals that drive the Community Partners — the organizations and activists that make possible this annual celebration of the LGBT community.

For this 33rd annual celebration of pride, 19 Community Partners have come together to share in the planning and implementation of Capital Pride.

Each organization that devoted its time and resources has be invaluable to making the 2008 Capital Pride a reality, as well as the individuals who make each of those organizations a vibrant and vital part of our community.

On the following pages, meet each of the Community Partners that have committed to making Capital Pride a success.

Community Partners

2008 Capital Pride

Community Partners
Arlington Gay & Lesbian Alliance
DC Center/Crystal Meth Working Group
DC Lambda Squares
DC Radical Faeries
DC Strokes Rowing Club
Food & Friends
Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington
Hillwood Estate Museum and Gardens
Human Rights Campaign
The Mautner Project
Metropolitan Community Churches
National Youth Advocacy Coalition
One in Ten
Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice
Washington DC Jewish Community Center
Whitman-Walker Clinic
Youth Pride Alliance

Director of Capital Pride
David Mallory

Logistics Coordination
Kevin Reynolds
Jewel Murray

Arts Corner
Abe Feldman
Pamela Jafari
Jill Strachan

Be Bi
Cindy deSales
Margaret Albamonte
Eric Eldritch

Corporate Sponsorship and Outreach
Adrianne Jones, Chair
Margaret Albamonte, Co-Chair
Jamil Fletcher
Seville Williams
Brandee Mathies

Entertainment Committee
Nikisha Carpenter, Chair
Ebone Bell
Cindy deSales
Karne Diehl
Kellie Knight
Brandee Mathies
Bill Miles
Justin Shine
Seville Williams

Bill Miles, Chair
Bernie Delia, Co-Chair
Angel Lewis, Co-Chair
Anne Scott, Co-Chair
Margaret Alicia
Ebone Bell
Nikisha Carpenter
Larry Donathan
Daniel Hays
Adrianne Jones
Brandee Mathies
Jewel Murray
Nikki Noble
Justin Shine
Isaiah Webster
Nancy Welch
Seville Williams

Michael LutzRees Kirkorian Larry StansburyRobert York

Interfaith Service
Coordinated by the Celebration of the Spirit Coalition
Allan Armus
Eric Eldritch
Rose Mary Garcia
Seain Guthridge
Jannah Bint Hannah
Charles Keener
Niko Maljuzic

Marketing and Communications
Mark Heckathorn, Co-Chair
Michael Lutz, Co-Chair
Chris Andrews
Dennis Coyle
Jon-Michael Higgins
Jewel Murray
Steven Rentz
Justin Shine
Isaiah Washington
Jeff Winans

Mr. and Miss Capital Pride /Mr. and Ms. Capital Pride LeatherKevin Ahern
Brian Alexander
Travis AndersonRascal Bottoms
Xavier Bottoms
Jonathan Jackson
Lois JarmanTiffany Jarman
Bennett Long
Blake Macon
Bill MilesSarah Molina
Dwayne RedmondSasha Renee
Michael SessaJoey WalkerRobert York

Eric Reader, Co-ChairSteven Walker, Co-ChairDuane Albert
Chris AndrewsDoug Armstrong
Craig CollinsScott Cooper
Cindy de Sales
Bernie Delia
Karen Diehl
Steve Dobberowsky
Christopher DorseyElaine FeehrerJodi Garber-SimonAdam HallJoe Halley
Daniel HaysMark HeckathornRees Kirkorian
Angel LewisMichael Lutz
Glen Marsocci
Bill Miles
Angela Murphy
Jewel MurrayKevin Reynolds
Carlton RoarkeKen Senior, Jr.
Steven Shortell
Neil Simon
Vincent Slatt
Larry StansburryRobert Turner II
Scott Wallis
Robert York

Safety and Security
Joe Halley, Co-Chair
Larry Stansbury, Co-Chair
Michael Mangiapane

Street Festival
Rees Kirkorian, Chair
Cindy DeSales, Co-Chair
Joe Halley, Co-Chair
Jewel Murray, Co-Chair
Maragaret Albamonte
Chris Andrews
Jonathan Blumenthal
Rafael Cabrero
Nikisha Carpenter
Bernie Delia
John DiNapoli
Steve Dobberowsky
Eric Eldritch
Adam Hall
Daniel Hays
Mark Heckathorn
Jon Higgins
Adrianne Jones
Kellie Knight
Michael Lutz
Mike Mangi
Ed Markus
Glen Marsconi
Brandee Mathies
Bill Miles
Wolfram Petner
Eric Reader
Steven Rentz
Kevin Reynolds
Rebecca Roose
Roz Schorr
Jeremy Scobell
Anne Scott
Vincent Slatt
Larry Stansbury
Robert Turner
David Wagner
Steven Walker
Allen Washington
Jayson Watson
Jeff Winans
Robert York

Town Hall
Robert Turner II, Chair
Rafael Cabrero
John DiNapoli
Daniel Hays
Vincent E. Slatt
Larry Stansbury

Trans Pride
SaVanna Wanzer, Chair
Teefari Mallory, Co-Chair
Sean Arayasirikul
Dr. Dana Beyer
Alexandra Chandler
Catherine Chandler
Ashley Clark
Thomas Coughlin
Patricia Corbett
Meghan Davies
Dr. Bruce Furness
Tucker Gallagher
Cyres Gibson
Alison Gill
Rev. Brian Hamilton
Rev. Ruth Hamilton
Laura Hart
Dr. Patricia Hawkins
Rev. Keith Holder
Dr. Patrick Hughes
Jeri Hughes
Dr. Peter Mataxotos
Jessica McKinnon
Mark Meinke
Nina Merritt
Dre Miller
ReGina Newkirk
Queen Patti
Erika Smith
Carlton Townsend

Jonathan Blumenthal
Burgundy Crescent Volunteers
Vincent Slatt

Official LED Screen Partner of Capital Pride
Oak Hampton

Official Photographers of Capital Pride
Chalice Fike — SilverDane Photography
Patsy Lynch — Patsy Lynch Photographic Services

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