The 2011 Capital Pride Planning Committee

Capital Pride 2011

Capital Pride Board of Directors

Michael Lutz, President
Bernie Delia, Vice President
Raymond Panas, Secretary
Anne Scott, Treasurer
Andrea Friedman
Scott Jackson
Scott Mallan
Vince Micone
Mary Paradise
Cheri Lee Roe
Robert Turner II
Jessie Washington
Justin White


Rob Corbett, Operations Director
Lee Granados, Special Events Manager
Scott Lusk, Communications Director
Matt Sokolowski, Finance Director
Missy Toms, Development Director


Scott Lusk, Co-Chair
Kara van Stralen, Co-Chair
Taylor Carson
Chavanne Chavanne
Bill Podolski
Stephen Rutgers
Alex Wildfong

Community Partners

John Grant, Co-Chair
Scott Jackson, Co-Chair

Education & Cultural Events

May Sifuentes, Chair
Gregory Blankenship
Bernie Delia
Courtney Dayno
John Gallagher
John Riley
Brock Thompson
Martha Vicedomini


Steve Henderson, Chair
Jason Abbey
Jonathan Bascope
Will Cruttington
Becca Fried-McKinney
Jessica Fried-McKinney
Barbara Kurzeja
Rudy Legg-Benavides
Tim Morse
Ernest Redding


Keith Hoffman, Co-Chair
Jen Hall, Co-Chair
Boyd Stephenson
Abe Feldman
Jenny Garcia
Julie Garnier
Matthew Gillette
JP Gulla
Pamela Jafari
Ellen Kahn
Katie Khoshbiw
Micah Myerov
Michael Sasser
Doug Schantz
Justin Shine
Mark Stephens
Green Team
Aaron Fischbach
Chris Jameson
Nicole Kruz


Al Pellenberg, Chair
David Bediz
John Gallagher
Kara van Stralen


Steve Dobberowsky, Co-Chair
David Williams, Co-Chair
Doug Armstong
Steve Clark
Chris Dorsey
Ken Gray
Steve Henderson
Andrejo Lubkans
Topher Nunez
David Pazmino
Cheri Lee Roe
Debora Russell

Special Events

David Burton, Co-Chair
Brandon Nichols, Co-Chair
Brett Andriesen
Jeremy Berkowitz
Mark Brennan
Naomi Amaha
Celia Asinor
Scott Campbell
Trevor Corning
William Dennis
Thomas Doyle
Thomas Elliott
TJ Flavell
Martín Diego Garcia
Brody Garner
Lee Granados
JP Gulla
Michael Huling
Bernadette Lee
Jeannette Lowe
Alissa Manzoeillo
Crystal Morgan
Lee Morris
Lynn Nelson
Kayly Ober
Peter Rankin
Jillian Rubino
Kyle Simpson
Jess Sims
Mark Stephens
Devon Trotter
Jessica Vaughan
Vincent Villano
Devon Williams


SaVannah Wanzer, Co-Chair
Danielle King, Co-Chair
Holly Goldmann
Julius Agers Agers
Roberta Giliis
Gladys Gonzales
Julian Harris
Chris Holleman
Cole Jaeschke
Rolande Lewis
Iden McCollum
Valda Prout


Rick Oettinger, Co-Chair
Stephen Jordan, Co-Chair

Women’s Events

Stephanie Ayers, Chair
Courtney A. Dayno
Andi Friedman
Mary Paradise


From the President of the Board of Directors

Week in Pride Calendar

Parade – Sat, June 11
Map & Contingents

Festival – Sun June 12
Map, Booths & Vendors
Entertainment Lineup

Parties and Club Events


Jennifer Holliday with Tony Moran
Lil’ Mo

Jonathan Bascope
Lost Bois
Mama’s Black Sheep
Venus D Lite
Bettina Shelker

Other Options
Taste of Pride: Dining Out

Interactive Film: Moulin Rouge


Mind, Body & Soul of Capital Pride

Pride Committee

Community Partners

Pride Planning Committee

Behind the Pride Guide Covers

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