11 Amazing Tech Gifts

A Holiday Gift Guide for all the techies on your list


Tardis hub

Tardis hub

TARDIS USB Hub & Dalek Desk Defender

Nothing says geek like a love for Dr. Who. Except, that is, for the official Dr. Who USB hub. Complete with flashing lantern and time-travelling sound effect when a USB device is plugged in, it’s sure to delight any Whovians in your life. Send them into overdrive by combining it with the Dalek Desk Defender, which, when plugged in, will guard your desk while you leave to fight Cybermen or get your lunch. Motion activated, it will sense rogue employees up to 9 feet away, and actively deter them with threats of extermination. Pointless fun, they’re sure to bring a smile to someone’s face when they unwrap them. At least once they realize it’s not a real Dalek. $19.99 and $24.99 respectively from thinkgeek.com.

Dalek Desk Defender

Dalek Desk Defender

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