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Walking Dead game

Walking Dead game

The Walking Dead

I hate zombies. I’ve never understood the fascination, never enjoyed the films, and never liked the games. They’re awful. So, naturally, I’m recommending The Walking Dead by Telltale Games, which is based around survivors in the immediate aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead takes a narrative approach, as opposed to the run-and-gun style of most zombie games, favoring a point-and-click, dialogue-driven style that deliberately controls the players as they navigate the game world. Released episodically over the course of this year, all five episodes are now available on a single disc, and I urge you to get it, or gift it to a gaming friend, and experience the full game. It follows the efforts of protagonist Lee Everett and his experiences as the zombie outbreak occurs, and by gradually introducing a choice mechanic, the game allows you to shape the story and make it your own. Death is a constant threat and no character is guaranteed to survive to the end, but it’s a thrilling, involving, immensely satisfying game. Most of the action is between survivors, dealing with internal politics, family struggles and the moral choices that come with a world in which there is no order. Get it, now, for yourself, for friends, for strangers on the street, and experience the bleak reality the characters – and subsequently the player – must face. Available on PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac.

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