August 2013 Archives

What do you do if you're a premium car manufacturer who currently has four separate SUV models in your lineup? Naturally, the correct answer is put your smallest model on a hot wash and create a fifth. So comes the Mercedes-Benz GLA, the latest in the company's attempts to dominate every aspect of the SUV market. All signs, though, ... [Read]

Let's get this out of the way -- the Prius is not cool. You're not a better person for driving one. It's a dull, staid, annoyingly underwhelming car. That it's a hybrid, and seemingly carries the green flag for all of motoring, is even more irritating, given the mediocrity of the car itself. Flying in the face of vehicles such ... [Read]

Seriously, what is happening over at Cadillac? The company once synonymous with the elderly has been continuously knocking it out of the park design-wise of late. The ATS and XTS sedans have a much bolder, edgier design that is helping take the company even further ahead of its occasionally staid rivals, and this week Cadillac gave us a glimpse ... [Read]