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Crossing Over

While Cadillac's SRX aims for the luxury market, Mercedes' GLK350 bests it with a drive that beats some sedans

By Rhuaridh Marr
October 31, 2013 7:23 AM |
The crossover is something of an anomaly. It can't beat a full-size SUV in space or off-road ability, it can't touch a minivan for versatility, and it can't match a normal hatch on fuel economy. It is, however, a hybrid in the most literal of terms -- an amalgamation of these car types into something that supposedly represents the ... [Read]

Thanks to the good folks over at Mustang6G, we have the closest idea yet as to what Ford's 2015 updated Mustang will look like. Using a mixture of CAD diagrams and spy shots of the car during testing, Mustang6G's resident artist created renders of the new Mustang, and if they're accurate -- which we think they are -- it's ... [Read]

Ah, the Escalade. Never has a less-subtle vehicle existed than Cadillac's largest SUV. And in true form its latest update for the 2015 model year continues the tradition of offering as much chrome and ostentatious excess as possible. Holding the title of General Motor's most expensive SUV, the Escalade has managed to carve a rather profitable niche with its ... [Read]

Sometimes, you just have to hand it to car manufacturers -- they really know how to appeal to the petrol head in us. I'm not a fan of Porsche's 911 -- it's too sterile -- but this latest celebration from the marque, as they celebrate 50 years of 911s, is pretty special. Featuring seven generations of the much-lauded sports car, ... [Read]