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Lasting Impression

The right tattoo artist and design will help you make your mark

People get tattoos for all sorts of reasons. An expression of love, a significant date, a memoriam, an autograph – the list is likely endless. But the primary reason people are drawn to ink under the skin – its permanence – is also what keeps most from going under the needle. Perhaps a few words from folksinger Ani DiFranco, who sports a tribal tattoo across her chest, can offer perspective: ''I had to leave the house of self-importance / to ... [Read]

Mist Kissed

The liquid alternative to suntans can light up your skin as summer fades

Where there are large populations of Caucasians, in this contemporary world that sees them more likely to toil beneath fluorescent bulbs than a noonday sun, a celebration of tanned flesh seems de rigueur. The theorized threat of a melanoma death has not killed this sensibility. Add a threat of premature wrinkles to the International Agency for Research on Cancer's July announcement that tanning beds have been upgraded from ''probably carcinogenic to humans'' to the IARC's most dangerous rating that simply ... [Read]

Bod Jobs

With summer approaching, you'll want to look your best for the beach. Here are a few tips to get there fast(er)

The season is upon us. Maybe you haven't made it to Rehoboth or some similarly gay, sunshiny holiday spot just yet this year, but that invitation could be right around the corner. Perhaps you're just seconds from getting that text from your pushy best friend: ''SOBE 4 7-4-09!!'' South Beach for the 4th of July should be a welcome invitation -- as long as you've gotten yourself back into summer shape. No one will argue with your myriad excuses if ... [Read]

In Electric Company

Achieving higher levels of intimacy with Body Electric

It's not easy for most, stripping down to your birthday suit with a group of strangers. ''It was very uncomfortable for about 10 minutes,'' says Marlon Fixico, 51, a gay Washingtonian, discussing the first time he took part in a Body Electric workshop. That was back in 1995. ''There's only so long you can look at a dick until they all look the same,'' he says. ''I mean in different shapes.'' Body Electric For those unfamiliar with Body Electric, it's ... [Read]

Spa Hurrah

Whether you're in need of a facial or a massage, area salons are offering more custom spa services than ever

Different skin types deserve different facials. But that doesn't mean you have to break out the cucumbers and mud when perfecting the right combination of ingredients for your face. Now is as good a time as any to put your skin care needs in the hands of a professional like Chet Alan Bennett, owner of C. Alan Barber Salon at 923 U St. NW. ''I personally, as the owner, do custom-blend facials,'' Bennett says of his face-pampering procedure that runs ... [Read]

Fit Versus Fear

Beating anxiety about your ''before'' body may be the first step to a new you

People are often motivated to get their bodies to a gym by looking at the ''before and after'' photos of the success stories. ''If he can do it, so can I,'' might say the out-of-shape wannabe. Then comes the rub: How will you feel stepping into a gym for the first time with your ''before'' body? Sometimes that fear alone may be enough to sabotage those Hydroxycut dreams. Taking baby steps and setting small goals, such as just making an ... [Read]

Stuck On You

Removing an unwanted tattoo is neither easy nor cheap

Maybe, before you came out of the closet, you got a tattoo to signify your eternal love for Heather, your date to the prom. Maybe you waited until you were a true-blue gay man to honor Madonna instead. Or maybe you got the gay man's equivalent of a gang symbol, the tribal tattoo. If you've soured on your sentiments and loyalty - and since the relationship obviously didn't take off - what can you do? Can you remove the tattoo? ... [Read]

Thread Bare

Manscaping above the collar

If you find yourself in a hairy dilemma -- wanting two eyebrows instead of your uni, or just in need of a cleanup that won't result in you looking like Boy George -- you can relax. You're in the right city when it comes to taming your brows. At Threads, all it takes is thin, twisted cotton threads in the hands of Preeti Singh, co-owner of the salon, or any of the other threading specialists there to do the trick. ... [Read]

Ban the Tan

With summer sun just around the corner, it's time to check your skin's health

About two years ago, Allan Green, 67, knew something was wrong, something that needed to be checked. ''I simply knew there was something not right. There was a growth on my forehead, like a pimple,'' he explains. But unlike a pimple, he adds, this irregular patch was not going away. Next stop: Dr. Howard Brooks, his dermatologist. ''He immediately said, 'This is cancer.''' A biopsy would show that Green's cancer was squamous cell carcinoma, one of the more common types ... [Read]

Saving Face

Countering lipoatrophy with facial fillers

When HIV attacks a person, it sets its sights on the body. The collateral damage is done to the psyche, as HIV indirectly causes stress, depression, and other emotional maladies. On one particular front, however, both the physical and the mental are tied together in a unique way: lipoatrophy. Lipoatrophy, literally, means a loss of fat. While that may sound wonderful, the reality is a far cry from anything Slim-Fast might offer. The loss of fat, more common to older, ... [Read]

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