March 19-25, 2009

by Carrie Megginson
Published on March 19, 2009, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's time to find new appreciation for old role models. It's time to step up to the plate, stop passing the buck and face the music. It's time to holla' back when your conscience gives you the eye from across a crowded room. Ready to be all that you can be? Ready to assume the mantle of responsibility without laying claim to spurious authority? Can you resist the urge to infuse your actions with the tedious fruit of ideological bombast? Try harder on Saturday.

Aries: It's boring to do the right thing sometimes. It's annoying to cave in to common sense and long-term considerations. It's more fun to rush around righting wrongs with a swing of the sword and looking good in a shiny suit of armor. Is it time to buckle down?

Taurus: You knew there was more going on than met the eye. You knew you'd be the broad back onto which more than anybody's fair share of the grunt work might fall. You knew the ideals might overtake reality. There's a lot to do and no time to whine.

Gemini: Can you make this fun for yourself? Can you help others to find the trees in the forest and figure out what their presence means? Can you put yourself on a small pedestal and use your blarney to take a leadership position? Hit 'em where they ain't!

Cancer: Walk tall. You've been called on to demonstrate what real moral behavior looks like. You're rising to the occasion like a well-tended bread dough--you almost can't help it. Let the ethical imperative continue to roll you down the hill of external opinion. Be sweet.

Leo: It's what you want. It's what you worked for. It's what it is. And yet, you're having second thoughts. You're looking around and finding you may be on your own if you don't adjust the course of your trajectory. You're in a good position to choose for the future.

Virgo: You are the keystone. You are the linchpin. You are the piece that solves the puzzle and completes the strategy. You are these things because you are stable. You are attending to details. You are capable of mentoring others into capability. Say yes, again.

Libra: Don't believe the hype -- even when it's rational and makes good sense. The facts are the facts, and then there's the human element. When you factor in imagination and unpredictable applications with unexpected outcomes, you have something like a real, live miracle.

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Scorpio: You went there. You did that. You've come close to another form of attrition. Don't run too lightly from reality: there are so many who still need your input and your participation. Get buy-in for a radical departure with a big smile and lots of patience.

Sagittarius: Once you committed to changing the course of your ship of state, did you plan any further? You may be required to explain your choices. You may be required to revisit your decisions. You may be required to make some tough judgments. You have the technology.

Capricorn: You didn't mean it at the time, but now it's a permanent part of your daily life. You couldn't avoid it the first time, and now it's part of your infrastructure. You wouldn't have given it a second thought, now you can think of nothing else. Is it good for you?

Aquarius: You can bring down the words from the mountaintop. You can wave your arms when you orate. You can threaten sacred retribution. But can you bring yourself to follow through when others don't? Ideals wage an inner war with compassion. Back 'em carefully.

Pisces: It isn't the world in which you wanted to launch your hopes. It isn't the environment in which you wished to flourish. It isn't the time in which you'd expected to triumph. But you can be present and active and overcome any possible difficulty. You just go.

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