January 2013 Archives

Bethesda Softworks is taking beta applications for its new MMO, Elder Scrolls Online, based on the popular single-player RPG series. "Completing the optional sections will significantly increase your chances of being selected for beta participation," notes the company on the sign-up page. It also displays helpful ranking, so you can see what your chances of being selected are. Clearly, this ... [Read]

Along with all the other rumormongers out there, Technocrat feels in its gut that both Microsoft and Sony will be announcing new game consoles at this year's E3. Now, fueling the rumor even further is this report from CVG UK, which notes that Sony may be ditching its venerable DualShock controller for one that may feature biometric sensors and an ... [Read]

For those of you totally obsessed with the extraordinary Minecraft ("one more block, one more block"), here's a bit of trivia you'll explode like a creeper over: The Xbox 360 version of the sandbox game amassed 5 million downloads by the close of 2012. In all, the game has sold 17.5 million copies across all platforms, including the Xbox version, ... [Read]

*Name subject to change. It seems fairly likely that the E3 countdown clock just posted by Microsoft's Larry Hryb on his blog is evidence that there's a new Xbox console on the horizon. In fact, we'd pretty much bet on it, given the rabid speculation across the web. And, as Technocrat will be at this year's E3 Expo, covering ... [Read]