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Bob Mould's Double Duty

Posted by Hearsay
March 15, 2008 9:35 AM |
Mould Circle.jpgTonight is the March edition of Blowoff (), but it's no usual night at the 9:30 Club. Before Bob Mould and Rich Morel spin their favorite alt-dance tunes, starting at 11:30 p.m., the two will put on a show. Mould will sing and sling his guitar starting at 8:30 p.m., playing music from his strong new release, District Line, as well as from his full repertoire of hits as a solo star and a seminal post-punker in bands Husker Du and Sugar. As with his last tour a couple years ago -- whose 9:30 Club concert was recorded to DVD, Morel features in the Bob Mould Band, playing keyboard and supplying backing vocals. To get a sense of how great it'll be, see Spin's review of the Minneapolis native's other hometown show. The concert is $20. Blowoff is $12....

Irish Bottoms Up!

Posted by Hearsay
March 14, 2008 4:11 PM |

St. Patrick's Day is Monday, but why wait till then? Why not make a special weekend out of celebrating the Irish alcoholic? It's a good excuse as any to drink alcohol-laden green fluids. You could almost camp out at Cobalt for the occasion, what with their celebration all weekend long. From $3 Emerald Shooters (and no, that's not just code for twinks) to $3 green beer, or at least, Guinness, well... that's a lotta green. In fact, customers are even asked to wear green. But Hearsay hopes to get pinched -- and not in the Dorothy Hamill kind -- so, it'll wear black instead.

Saturday, you could also tip your hat and hop on your shamrock and head a little bit north, to Rehab, which is throwing a ''Go Green, Get Lucky!'' party, complete with a green underwear auction!

Or, if you're feeling really lucky, steer your beer a bit farther north to the city named after a town in Ireland. The ''town of the big house," for sure, that's Ballmer, hon! Club Hippo is also celebrating the drinking Saint two days early, with a green-themed party Saturday night featuring one of Philly's finest, DJ Stephen Durkin. Yep, he's a lucky Leprechaun, wouldn't ya know! And since that club closes early (at 2 a.m., thanks to a not-very-Irish liquor law), you can keep going at the city's after-hours venue, Club 1722. One of the original gay DJs -- and one of New York's best and while we're at it -- Billy ''Nice Guy'' Carroll will resume his monthly diRTY bEATS party at the club, which he says is "my favorite venue at the moment -- an intimate space, with a ''˜who cares what you are or whom you sleep with' crowd and Twilo-esque sound & lights, complete with nitro blasts throughout the morning.'' And there you have it! And then, if you're still going -- if all that alcohol hours earlier is somehow keeping you flowing -- then let it go at Grand Central for DJ Leni ''The Music'' K's morning RISE! party, which goes til 11 a.m.

Once you've made it safely back to town and gotten over your Irish hangover, it'll be time to celebrate the Saint in proper style. On his actual day! Nellie's is throwing the party to beat Monday, complete with a limerick about the old broad. And if you can hunt down one of the pub's special coupon postcards -- or if you've gotten an email recently through its email list -- then use it to take $5 off the ''best St. Patrick's Day Cheer.'' Here, here -- let's get drunk again, o' oy vey!...


Kristine W is sunshine and light, radiating positive energy and perseverance. It's an empowering attitude she's had from the get-go, even before her successful bout with leukemia a few years ago. Even if she didn't sing in the gay scene's preferred idiom of dance music, she'd no doubt have a strong gay following. Kristine will spend an hour tomorrow, March 15 (the Ides of March!), at Universal Gear, 1529 14th Street NW, starting at 3 p.m., where she'll be selling her CDs, signing autographs and hanging with her fans as they shop for new clothes for later that evening, when she'll perform at Town....

A DJ at his Apex

Posted by Hearsay
March 14, 2008 1:41 PM |
Joe Gautreaux.jpg

It's not every weekend DC gets graced by the "It" DJ on the gay circuit. New York-based Joe ''Easy for You to Say'' Gauthreaux is, after all, only here every few months -- and again tonight at Apex. Gauthreaux is the circuit's most in-demand DJ in large measure because he generally prefers music that's happy and joyous, a return of sorts to the music of a decade ago and beyond. He just shined at Miami's Winter Party on the beach, and next up, he'll lighten New York's Black Party, closing it on a Sunday afternoon. He'll also headline and hallelujah at New York Pride and gay Disney's One Mighty Party, among others. He's like Visa -- he's almost everywhere you wanna be.

Tomorrow night at Apex, expect him to play many of the up-up-up tracks from his new Winter Party 2008 compilation, which features many of the songs that were everywhere in Miami during Winter Party, from ''The Boss'' to ''I'm Not Featuring You'' to ''The Flame'' to ''Don't Stop The Music.'' Actually, Rihanna's not on here, but clearly her fantastic sampling of Michael Jackson is what compelled The Caramel Club to do the same on ''Mama Say Mama Sa,'' which also gets some (uncredited) life from the nearly decade-old house classic ''Get Get Down'' by Paul Johnson. Expect him to play those, and hopefully others, chief among them the latest from Peyton, from the British Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The American-born preacher's kid never fails to deliver sweet gay-positive, gospel-informed club hits, this time. Please, please: ''Never Give Up"....

Winter Party Wonderland

Posted by Hearsay
March 13, 2008 4:36 PM |
Winter Party 1.jpg

Just a few weeks ago, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force organized its Winter Party Festival in Miami, and Hearsay made the trip down just to count itself among the 6,000 scantily clad men (and a few women) moving their feet to the beats outdoors on Sunday. Hearsay missed Saturday's 2,700-people-strong pool party at the tasteful host hotel Doubletree Surfcomber. Hearsay also missed Sunday's poolside Tea Dance at the gorgeous National Hotel. So what if Hearsay only made it to one of the outdoor dance parties? Hearsay was really only interested in the Sunday beach party event. It was the reason to be at the Winter Party. Everything was perfect for the Sunday, March 2 event: the forecasted rain never came, the sky was mostly clear, the temperature was around 80 degrees, and the men even hotter. In Hearsay's purview, many attendees had ties to our own D.C., from natives to current and former residents. The formers included Kris ''Butchest Thing Here'' Dupuch and Jason ''Southern Halo'' Gray, both of whom live down there now. The nows, down just for the weekend, included: Colin ''No I in'' O'Dea, who surprised Corey ''Where The Boys Are'' Munoz with his trip south, Jimmy ''Sweater Weather'' Rock, Chris ''Turn It Out'' Cowman, David ''A Cut Above'' Van Lear, the Browns, Ron and Randy, and all those Michaels, Mr. Scott, Mr. Snowden and Mr. Ulrich. Then there was a certain Jerrad, who wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie pink bikini and danced on a box for all the beach to see. Hearsay's still blinded by that sight.

Of course, it wasn't all about Washington. Miami does not have its own annual Pride event, so the Winter Party does double duty serving as that, especially now that the Task Force runs the show. The event now runs for a full week leading up to the 15-year-old beach ball. There was an interfaith religious service, a picnic for gay families, a youth event, several women's events, a fashion show sponsored by aussiebum (aussieyum!) and more. It also included events beyond South Beach, all the way up State Road A1A to Ft. Lauderdale. All told, this year's weeklong party attracted upwards of 10,000 people and is expected the Task Force will donate an amount greater than last year's $160,000.

But as much as Hearsay enjoys low-key, clothes-on, daytime activities, it's the opposite that gets it wettest. And it didn't get any wetter than at Cameo Sunday night. Everything about the place, formerly known as Crobar, was hot and humid, from the scorching men to the sticky, sophisticated beats of Tony ''Turn Me On'' Moran. And then there was Ross ''Sharpest Bulb at the Beach'' Berger's perfect interpretation of Moran's music in lights. Berger, who helped design the venue's lighting system and clearly knows it inside out, created rainbow-blocks of color on the back wall that ricocheted to Moran's high frequencies, and then pulsed the strobes over the dance floor for the low -- this was a multi-sensory experience bar none. Hearsay enjoyed hanging out with Joe ''The ''˜It' DJ of the Moment'' Gauthreaux, who was basking in the glow of his knockout set at the beach party hours earlier. Hearsay also enjoyed dancing with Andy ''Turn The Beach Around'' Cassell and Lou ''Love To Feel the Lotion'' Persic, as well as getting steamy in cahoots with Austin ''Pull Up to the Bumper'' Allan with strangers from Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Lauderdale and even Miami proper. (But not a single Brit, bonkers!)

Winter Party didn't actually end until Monday afternoon, with a final party at the celebrated Space nightclub downtown. The drama stopped there, certainly: in a kerfuffle, Peter ''No End'' Rauhofer abruptly stopped his set and left the venue shortly before 1 p.m. Apparently he was upset because the lighting technician wouldn't lay off the horn. Space's regular DJ Nelson ''Always In Orbit'' Diaz eventually came to the rescue to spin until the end. The Winter Party's David ''Apple'' Orchard asked Hearsay to apologize ''to the approximately 200 guests who were affected by this situation.'' Sure thing Orchard, though ultimately no apology is needed: One little flare-up does not change the fact that this was a picture-perfect Winter Party. Hearsay's already psyched for next year's....

Winter Party 2.jpg

Idol Speculation

Posted by Hearsay
March 6, 2008 8:22 AM |

Hearsay doesn't generally get caught up in all the American Idol madness, but all the fuss being made over David Hernandez's alleged pre-Idol career as a stripper-slash-lap dancer in a "mostly male" club in Phoenix, Arizona has caught its attention. (Hearsay wouldn't mind seeing David perform naked -- particularly if it had anything to do with a lap.) It really enjoyed Washington Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes on the topic in this morning's paper. In her deliciously sarcasm-laced column, De Moraes also points to a "flamboyant" semi-finalist named Danny Noriega, a homemade video of whom has surfaced on YouTube as he sings "Chain of Fools." Naw, he's not gay. No way. Almost makes you long for the days of Closeted Clay.

Headline of the Day

Posted by Hearsay
March 5, 2008 3:11 PM |
Ars Technica's Ben Kuchera reports on the passing of Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax. With all due respect to this now late great game inventor, this headline is priceless.

Robert York: Hitting the big 4-0

Posted by Hearsay
March 4, 2008 8:32 AM |

Robert Lepore.jpgRobert ''Drag Gets The Best of Me'' York was also at Be Bar to revel in Amanda Lepore's nipplegate. Hearsay got a kick out of seeing the soft-spoken, former Capital Pride director fawn all over Miss Lepore, whom he says he's been a fan of for years, but definitely not all of his years -- his many, many, many, many, MANY years. Mr. York just celebrated a milestone, you see, and he invited all his friends and then some to toast him the night prior, Feb. 23, at Town for -- what else? -- drag shows and dancing. Oh, and Harris Teeter cupcakes. The event was organized by Blake ''Tickle Me Elmo'' Macon, who organized the entire ''BIG 4-0'' birthday bash. Hearsay was, no surprise, more in the mood for a York roast. But good luck finding a good one in this crowd. ''Who doesn't love Robert?'' replied Jayme ''Why Me?'' Pittsonberger, when asked for a roast. ''He's done so much for the community," a refrain echoed by everyone Hearsay approached. Why yes, in fact, he has. Hearsay still remembers the time when Robert, still then in his 30s, donned a red-rhinestone tux, plopped to his knees before the entire Gay Men's Chorus and shouted "Men, your batons please!" What happened next is in the secret GLBTQYIPUZ history book maintained by the Rainbow-Brite Historical Society, which holds its secret meetings under the bed of Mark "Sure, It Sometimes Itches" Meinke.

Truly, the only person who came close to a roast was, bless her cholesterol-filled heart, Lena ''Ask Me Anything'' Lett. Lett recounted the time she first met Mr. York, in the years before man discovered fire, after a night of Woolly Mammoth hunting on 17th Street. At the time, she was more than three times the size she is now and she was trying to scarf down her eighteen filet-io-fish sandwiches at McPterodactyl's in one mighty bite. (She succeeded.) York, who is drawn to drag queens like a supermagnet is to steel, marched right up to Miss Lena and told her she should audition to perform at Ziegfeld's, which for those of you too young to remember, was a bar where men would dress as women and play a dancing game known as snatch as many dollars as you can and then run to the nearest wig shop. In any case, she took him up on his suggestion and a legend was born, albeit one unaccompanied by a messy, goopy placenta, or as Hearsay likes to call it, Le Mambo Anchovy. So here's an idea: Maybe Lett should return the favor and reel York in. You know, have him perform at Town? York says he doesn't do drag -- ''I leave that to the professionals.'' Sure you do, Robert, sure you do. Hearsay offers evidence otherwise....

Amanda Lepore's Wardrobe Malfunction

Posted by Hearsay
March 3, 2008 7:11 PM |

Amanda busting out.jpgWhen you work as hard as Amanda ''Party Monster'' Lepore -- and by work, Hearsay of course means you've worked out regularly, been worked over repeatedly -- it's natural you wanna show off your goods. That she did last Saturday when she made a rare trip outside of New York and headed south, from point A to Be Bar, for co-owner Mike Watson Fur.jpgMike ''I Look Best in a Fur Stole and Tighty Whities'' Watson's birthday. From the moment Miss Lepore emerged on stage she had trouble keeping her knockers in her dress. Talk about wardrobe malfunctions! So eventually, she stopped trying to tame her bazoomba-woombas. She eventually sang about her most treasured possession: Her vagina, though she had another word for it. ''My pussy is expensive," and so it would seem to be. At one point, Hearsay, which generally eschews such things, tawt it taw a pussytat! It tried to feed it some Pownce Treats, but steered clear when it noticed the size of Sylvester's teeth. Truth is, Hearsay has always been more comfortable around penile-bearers, so it hung out instead with Sasha ''Brut'' Rejvani and Allen ''Rosé'' Reams and Tony ''Truth Serum'' Johnson and Kevin ''Only Takes One'' Steele and John ''That's What She Said'' Anderson, all of whom sport the male member that Hearsay adores so much, it wrote its own song, which goes something like this: "My Penis Has a First Name..."

Hearsay didn't get a chance to see what ''Mike's Favorite Things'' were, which he was giving out all the night. There was just too much else going on. Hearsay almost didn't catch Lepore's performance to begin with, since it happened well before midnight. What kind of creature of the night performs before the stroke of 12? Not Hearsay! And apparently not many, many others, including Scott ''Full of Life'' Johnson, who was crushed when Hearsay broke the news that he came too late. Which is better than coming too early, but that's another story altogether....