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What Delicious Bitterness!

Posted by Hearsay
May 17, 2008 1:54 PM |

Cobalt's Blue Re-do

Posted by Hearsay
May 16, 2008 5:17 PM |
Tomorrow night Cobalt will christen its new special-event party Flight 1639 with Los Angeles-based DJ Scotty K spinning big and bright tunes sure to please the crowd. And if that fails to get you flying, the 2(x)ist Rocketdog models surely will. But Flight 1639 isn't the only thing new to come from Cobalt in 2008. In fact, the club is undergoing a ''top to bottom'' remodel. But don't worry. Cobalt's Jason ''What Would You Do?'' Royce assures Hearsay there will be some unreconstructed tops left when they're done, hopefully in time for Pride. They're already about a month into it, though the changes to date have been mostly stuff not terribly noticeable, from a new bar-area floor upstairs to electrical improvements to plumbing, including spiffy bathroom fixtures, including "green" urinals! (Hearsay always likes it when the pee flows green.)

But wait, there's more! Royce tells Hearsay the remodel is the ''first major remodel since the beginning'' of the current incarnation of Cobalt some seven years ago. (And stay tuned for the 7th Anniversary Party in July.) ''When it's all said and done, it's going to be a whole new club.'' But not that new. Still owned by Eric ''17th Street Nightlife Governor'' Little, Cobalt ''will remain what it always has been. It will be different and dramatic, but it'll still be the same ole, new and improved Cobalt,'' Royce jokes. Royce himself is same ole, new and improved: Though he's been calling most of the shots for a while now, he was just officially promoted to General Manager. Which means he gets to manage the generals.

Up top, at the club end of things, they'll be upgrading the DJ booth and making other changes to ''take it to the next level.'' And the bottom? They're in the early stages of reinstalling a restaurant down there, which should open later in the summer. They haven't settled on a name much less the menu, though Royce promises diner-style comfort food and late-night dining even on weeknights. Hearsay's already getting giddy about the prospect of late-night restaurant-hopping in the neighborhood...

Blowing Off in Charlottesville

Posted by Hearsay
May 16, 2008 8:27 AM |
Blowoff 05-15-08.jpgIf you were so inclined, you could make it a Blowoff weekend, not just a Blowoff Saturday night. Grab a hairy muscle college stud Friday night, and then the usual hairy muscle daddy Saturday night -- doesn't that sound like intergenerational fun? The hitch -- you know there'd be a hitch, didn't you? -- Friday night you'll have to head to the land of Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia, some three hours from D.C. But Charlottesville is charming, especially this time of year. And Club R2 is smack-dab (or in this case, smack-down) in the middle of the town's charming pedestrian-only street mall downtown, which you can cruise before or after you cruise the club. Read all about the plans in C'Ville, where Bob "Bear My Soul" Mould and Rich "Bear It All" Morel will christen swanky straight club R2's new weekly gay Friday night party. It's not clear if the Charlottesville Blowoff will become monthly, as it is in D.C., or bi-monthly, as it is in New York. Guess it depends on how the M men rock Monticello.

Of course, Saturday night there's Blowoff here at our town's celebrated 9:30 Club. And before you hit that, why not hop a few blocks over, to check out two other out rockers perform? Local grappler Tom "Folksy" Goss and inky stud Eric "Rocksy" Himan will strum and sing at Solly's U Street Tavern. Should be a night of a gay indie-music fan's dream...

It's not every day you hear the gay community's favorite pop star called "sweet." And in this particular context, you'll likely feel sour.


"Madonna, the world's tastiest sweetheart" begins a recent press release announcing her new Sticky and Sweet Tour. But apparently, the No. 1 Sweet Tart doesn't like the taste of D.C. As with 2006's Confessions Tour, Madonna has pursed her lips at our Verizon Center candy. The Wachovia Center in Philadelphia is yet again the closest she'll come to our sticky city in support of her sweet, new chart-topping album Hard Candy. After stops in Europe, including a Saturday, August 23 debut in Wales -- exactly one week after Madonna turns 50 -- the tour will roll out of the factory in North America Friday, October 3 at New Jersey's Izod Center -- yes, named for the fashion line that put lizards on men's chests decades before Mark "Smoker's Delight" Lee did. (Though his are certainly nicer and bigger beasts.) After stops the following week at New York's Madison Square Garden, the tour will take another month to get to Philadelpia, sweetening Brotherly Loveland Wednesday, November 19, before finally dissolving stateside the next week on Thanksgiving Eve, November 26, in Miami, right in time for the resort's famed White Party.

Tickets go on sale Monday, May 19 for New Jersey and New York, but not until Monday, June 2 for Philadelphia. And never for Washington. Not that Hearsay's sour about it or anything. (Just a little case of the puckers.) According to the release, Citibank cardmembers can access presale tickets beginning Tuesday, May 13 at 10am -- that's next week, folks! Click here for complete tour and ticket information.

When Bears Sing...

Posted by Hearsay
May 8, 2008 4:56 PM |
bear2978.jpgThe bears will be singing for their supper tonight at Remington's. Even if you're more of a suit kind of guy and less a hirsute one, you should come out and eat with them. These just ain't any old bears, you see. They're talented musical bears -- with a growing national reputation. Having already made stops in New York and last night in Baltimore, the performers part of the first-ever Bearapalooza Road Trip will paw their way to Remington's tonight in an event sponsored by the DC Bear Club. Some 10 bear-identified musicians will take the stage to perform, including host Dave ''Papa Bear'' Moretti, as seen in John Waters' A Dirty Shame, Hyatsville, Md.-based twangy country-rocker Don Harvey and Germantown Md.-based folk-rocker Steven Gellman. Among the out-of-towners, there's Boston-based dramatic soul-fired cabaret singer Gordon Michaels and New York-based ''folktronica'' duo Nekked, a gayer, modern-day version of Simon & Garfunkel. For $10, you can check out the whole bear Scarborough Fair, starting at 9pm....